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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:Washington, United States of America
I'm [personal profile] angelspike69 on LJ, but known as Betsy to my friends and family. I'm a 45 (soon to be 46) year old single female, never married and no kids. I used to have two cats (Korey & Dusty), but they both passed a few years ago. I had them both since they are kittens, and haven't gotten any others. So now I'm only responsible for myself, which I like very much.

I'm located up in the corner of the United States, in Washington State (otherwise known as the beautiful Pacific Northwest). Specifically, I live in a small town (population 11,000) call Silverdale, which is located on the Kitsap Peninsula. I'm about 90 minutes from Seattle if you drive around, which I rarely do. I commute to Seattle 5 days a week via Ferry. I'm an administrative assistant for the Organ Transplant Program at Swedish Medical Center. I love my job, though it can be quite heartbreaking as our patients are very sick.
My current (and past) obsession is David Boreanaz and the two characters he has portrayed/protrays on TV. Angel (the vampire with a soul), and Federal Agent Seeley Booth (on Bones). I will see any movie he's in (and I have). I actually own quite a few. While the movies for the most part have been so-so, I always thought he was great with what he has been given.

I must have a thing for vampires as I also loved Blood Ties, which aired on LifeTime and has since been cancelled and Moonlight, which was on Fox and has also been cancelled. I've recently discovered a new BBC show called Being Human, wich has a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf all living together in a house in England. I think it's a very good show. I also love Doctor Who (and am sad to see David Tennant is leaving the series. I also love Torchwood and Supernatural. Some other shows I watch are The Tudors, Life, Private Practice, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Grey's Anatomy.
In my free time, I write slash fanfiction in the AtS (Angel the Series) and BtVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) universe. The only pairing I write (and read for that matter) is Angel/Spike (otherwise also know as Spangel). You can find my stories in my LJ Memories or my new fic journal - [community profile] myperfectrhyme. I write and read fanfic within the context of canon, pre-series, post-series, alternate universes and realities, and as AU human characters. Occasionally I'll read other pairings (het and slash), but that is mainly because I know the authors and love their work - [personal profile] velvetwhip's Angel/Willow is divine. But for the most part I stick with my Spangel.

I love my Angel and Spangel fic on the dark side (especially if they are written in character as vamps), though occasionally I do go for the fluffly and the PWP. I love multi-chaptered stories and ficlets on the longish side. I do read drabbles, but I'm afraid I'm always left with wanting more.

I am starting to get into reading Bones fanfic, but for now sticking with stories/character studies of Seeley Booth, which there isn't a lot of. It's mainly Booth/Brennan, and while I like their partnership, I don't ship them. I like them best as friends and partners and I don't want to see them get together in a romantic relationship. Not quite up to wanting to read Booth/Brennan stories. I do love Jack a whole lot and have read some really good Booth/Jack stories written by [personal profile] lostakasha.

I make graphics as well, mainly icons. But I also, on occasion, make banners and wallpapers, and have recently started making music videos featuring Angel, Spike, and Angel/Spike. You can find those here in my personal journal, or over in my graphics journal, [community profile] angelspike_art. You can also find some over at YouTube (just search for angelspike69). They have removed quite a few, so I am no longer putting my new ones up there. Currently and in the future, all my videos can and will be found over on my Imeem page here.
I also moderate/co-mod several communities: [profile] loving_angel_69, [profile] mmmmm_angel, [profile] spangelficfind, [profile] spring_spangel, and [profile] winter_of_angel. I've also set up a new community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Angel - [profile] a_decade_of_ats (this community will officially open in July 2009).

[profile] anamcara420 and I have also set up a fic journal - [community profile] myperfectrhyme - as a new home for all of the fic we write together and on our own. We write fic featuring Angel and Spike paired together. We write them within the context of AtS & BtVS, post AtS & BtVS, and as humans. When we write them as humans, outside of the supernatural world, we strive to keep them in characters so they are basically the same characters we first fell in love with on both shows. We are just putting them out into an Alternate Reality/Universe.
My current layout was made by me, with the help of coding originally created by [profile] dana_duchovny. I just tweaked it here and there, with her permission of course.

My current mood theme, Angel, was made by me. I also use a Bones mood theme periodically, which was made by [profile] angdelia.

The header was made by me, and the background used was made by The pictures used in the header are courtesy of [profile] setje and her site, The brushes used on the header were created by [profile] creamnuts.

All the pics/caps used for my graphics are taken/made by: [profile] dj_capslock, [profile] sissi_blucas, [profile] laugh_cry_live, and Screencap Paradise.
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